FaceFX Runtime in UE4

Great news UE4 developers! The FaceFX Runtime Plugin can now get your UE4 characters talking!

How do I get Started?

  • Register a username on facefx.com
  • Accept the FaceFX Runtime End User License from here. Full text (without logging into facefx.com) also available here. The FaceFX Runtime is free on the PC platform for non-commercial and educational use, and free for the first $500,000 for indie games. Games that will make over $500,000 or require console support need to contact us for a commercial license.
  • Download the FaceFX Runtime Binaries (if you compile the Unreal Engine yourself).
  • Download the FaceFX UE4 Plugin Binary(if you use the Epic Games Launcher)
  • Grab the sample content
  • Buy a copy of FaceFX Studio Professional, or at least download and install the no-save evaluation
  • Install the FaceFX Runtime compiler python plugin into your FaceFX Studio installation by following directions in the plugin readme. It is located in the facefx\tools\compiler\plugin folder or the FaceFX\Source\FaceFXLib\facefx-runtime-1.3.0\facefx\tools\compiler\plugin folder depending on the distribution downloaded above.
  • Head over to Github for full documentation on installing and using the product.
  • Example Workflow

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